Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Who is this kid?

I hate it when a little 14 year old makes me feel stupid. I especially hate it when that 14 year old kid is smarter than me, better informed on political issues and speaks Arabic.

Did you happen to watch any of the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington about a week ago? Most of the hullabaloo centered on Rush Limbaugh and his comments. My attention was drawn to Jonathan Krohn, the kid in the 3 piece suit and braces that was holding his own with the big boys on CNN.

There is an article about him on the first page of SundayStyles in the NYT. Turns out he is home schooled, lives in Duluth, Georgia and neither one of his parents give a hoot about politics. He has already written and published a book, “Define Conservatism”. His 3 minute speech took center stage at the convention.

I think America has their eye on this kid. He is going places!

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