Monday, March 23, 2009

My three sons

From Travis' point of view

I asked each of my three sons to write a blog about what it is like to have your mother photograph you. This semester I've tried to set aside some time to photograph each one of them. My thought was that their input might add interest to the timeline theme by giving their perspective on the subject of me and this photography class.

Here is what my son Travis has to say...

Being photographed by my mom is mildly surreal. It definitely adds a few new dimensions to the experience that wouldn't be there if a stranger were photographing me. More than anything, when it comes to my mom's photography hobby, I feel proud of her. I'm proud that she's found a creative interest, a skilled hobby, the determination to stick with it and push herself, and I'm proud that she's gotten so good at it. So when she asks me to pose for her I'm more than happy to. It's a fun way to bond that benefits her with practice and me with really good photos. I do feel awkward about letting her know when I'm exhausted, bored, and want the shoot to be over though. You can't just bail on your own mother. But when I get to feeling tired I just tell myself that, if after all she's done for me in life, all she asks in return is for me to stand around while she takes pictures of me then then I can at least give her that much. Really, I'm glad to help out. The only awkward part about modeling for my own mother has been when the pictures turned out too good and women started telling my mom they wanted to have sex with me. That's just uncomfortable.

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