Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ex Communication

What is wrong with this picture?

The article on page 10 of the International section of the NYT on Sunday, March 8, 2009 edition falls in the ‘what is wrong with this picture?’ category.

A little nine year old girl from Brazil who was raped and pregnant with twins will be excommunicated from the Catholic Church. Even though it was determined that the child who weighs less than 80 pounds would not survive a full-term pregnancy with twins, the Church refused to allow any exceptions to church law.

Archbishop, Jose Cardoso Sobrinho, is excommunicating the mother, the child, and the doctors who carried out the operation. The Archbishop in Brazil stated that “God’s law is above any human law.”
My question is why didn’t he excommunicate the girl’s stepfather who has been determined the father of the twins? This man who raped a nine year old gets to stay in the church but the child who was raped is excommunicated? What is wrong with this picture?

A mother and a doctor saved a child’s life by aborting a fetus that would have killed a child. The man who raped the child gets to stay in the church. Which is wrong and which is right?

When I worked at an organization called CHANCE, Citizens Helping Abused and Neglected Children, I had a case where a grandfather raped his 9 year old grand-daughter who conceived as a result of the rape. The child is mentally challenged and the 18 year-old mother of the nine year-old child sought an abortion. The grandmother would not allow it because she believed it to be murder. The grandmother also fought against the grandfather being charged with the rape of her grand daughter. Her argument was that he truly loved the child. Again, what is wrong with this picture?
The child did have an abortion and the grandfather only served 6 months shock probation.

Where is Lorena Bobit when you need her?
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