Thursday, September 27, 2012

Red River Valley Fair 2012


Wow! The board of the Red River Valley Fair has worked hard this year to have a great venue.
It is amazing what Rita Haynes does year after year to bring such a fun and entertaining fair to our community. The entries in the Fine Arts and Photography divisions were way down this year but it seems to be the trend. There seems to be less and less baked goods, canned goods and arts each year. However, the entertainment and the rides are great crowd pleasers.
David and I both really enjoying working with the fair. If you haven't gone yet, go check out the food! There are lots of new vendors. See you at the fair!


Singing in the rain on Friday night!



Thursday, September 13, 2012

Portraits of Sangsoo Kim

This is Sangsoo Kim, a student at Texas A&M Commerce.  Sangsoo is from Seoul, Korea.  He went from living in a megacity of 10 million to a rural community of about 9,000.  What a culture shock!

When I thought about photographing Sangsoo, I tried to imagine what it must be like being so far from home and loved ones.  How difficult it must be to be in rural northeast Texas and not know the language so very well or the local people.  When I traveled to Mexico and stayed for a period of time, I felt as if people began to ignore me or act as if I were not there since I didn't speak the language like a native.   I can only begin to image how Sangsoo must at times feel isolated and alone.  I wonder if at times he feels as if he has been gagged since he is unable to express himself in his language and at his level of intellectual communication.

I am wondering how it must be for his parents and friend in Korea to imagine his life in Texas.  Their son is 6,285 miles from home.  I thought I might try to show them exactly how rural a place he is going to school.

I tried to get the lighting to do a split face in the picture above.  My thought was to somehow convey that his soul is in Korea but his body is in Commerce, Texas.  Not so sure I was able to capture that thought with this image.

Thank you Sangsoo for allowing me to photograph you.  Please feel free to right click and download this images if you wish.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Blue Moon over cottonfield near Cunningham, TX

David and I were standing out in a cottonfield near Cunningham Texas last night taking pictures of the blue moon.  David had his view camera with the black drape across him.  We certainly got some curious looks as people drove by! 

I wish I knew how to take better landscape pictures at night.  It is a challenge for me as a photographer.

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