Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Landscapes of Texas from Paris to Dalhart

I had the opportunity to travel to Aspen, Colorado, to study with portrait photograper, Mona Kuhn.  Along the way I took pictures of the landscapes from Paris to the border of Texas crossing into northern New Mexico.  These are just snap shots without my camera on a tripod.  Since I was traveling by myself, I jumped out and into the cas as quickly as I could without calling attention to myself.  So, some of the images aren't very sharp. Here is a sampling of what I saw along the way.

Caliche Road on 287 N

Flower pot on the square in St. Jo, Texas

Roadside Park near Nacona, Texas
Earl Moore, Henrietta, Texas

Earl drove up in his pickup truck and asked me what I was doing taking pictures of his old gas station.  He had owned and run the station for a long time until the economy went south and newer stations started opening up.  Nice man.

I thought Denver City in Yoakum County had a lot of pump jacks until I traveled through Electra, Texas.

Diner in Easterline, Texas.  If David would let me open a diner, I think I'd consider this one!

Deer in the window in Easterline, Texas.

Road near Hedley, Texas.  I didn't know I looked down roads so much until I started downloading all the images from this trip.  I always wonder where that road would take me if I took the time to turn off the main road.

Windmill just outside of Amarillo.  There were very few cattle all along my trip.  The drought and the economy of the last few years seemed to really effect the Texas ranchers.

Clouds gathering near Dumas, Texas.

Leaving Texas at the Texas/New Mexico line on Hwy 87 just past Dalhart, Texas.


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