Monday, July 15, 2013

Images from Yoakum County Texas

It was not until I grew up and away from West Texas that I began to understand how much the land and the people shaped me.  My memories of the absolute beauty of the sunrises and sunsets is set in my mind.  I want to experience once again the expansiveness of looking at the stars on a summer night while lying on the hood of the car.  So, I am going back to Denver City and West Texas and trying to capture my memories one visit at a time.  I must say I am not doing a very good job.  I get caught up visiting with people and not taking as many pictures as I'd like. 

Here is a link to the images I captured the last time I went West:

Here are a few of the images from my visit from the 7th of July. 

Hwy 380, Bronco, Yoakum County, Texas
Junction of Hwy 380 and CR 125 near Bronco
This reminded me of the huts on my grandfather's farm near Plains when the workers would come to help pick the cotton.  I remember how much I enjoyed playing with the kids and getting to eat great tacos!

I think this is on old Allred Road.  Couldn't find Allred on Mapquest so this is my best guess.


Sunset on old Allred Road.

The backyard fence in Denver City, Texas.  1213 North Ave. B

The place where I lived from birth to 17.

Avenue B looking North.

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