Friday, July 12, 2013

Bumping Bumpers from Raton to Aspen

It has been years since I've traveled on the weekend before the 4th of July.  What was I thinking?  My little Honda Fit fought for every inch of road from Raton, New Mexico to Aspen, Colorado.  Me and the horde of Texans drove the hard into trying to find the coolness of the mountains.  There are few pictures of my ascent into Colorado.  I was too afraid to pull over and lose my place in line!

I 25 to Trinidad
Somewhere between Trinidad and La Veta

Best Chili Ever in Blanca, CO
I had breakfast in a small cafe in Blanca, Colorado.  They served chili with their breakfast.  Best chili I have ever eaten.  I've never had chili for breakfast before!

Fellow diner at the Blanca Cafe
I found the cemeteries in Colorado to be facinating.  There is such a sense of honor and rememberence of the individual.

Took Hwy 150 past Blanca to Great Sand Dunes National Park.  Not one place did it say it was about 40 miles!  Apparently, I am easily distracted.

Somewhere near San Isabel National Forest.

You will not see any pictures of Aspen.  After our meeting on Sunday, I drove to the end of the road and I couldn't believe my eyes....there was a shopping mall.  I put up my camera.

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