Monday, May 21, 2012

Puebla Day 1

The volcano near Puebla was sending little puffs of smoke out into the air like an old man smoking a pipe today.  I can see Popocatépetl from the rooftop of where I am staying for my artist-in-residence program this summer.
Chris and Francisco are the directors of Arquetopia, a nonprofit art organization that is run by very accomplished artists for artists wanting to imerse themselves in the rich culture of Mexico.

Almost as soon as I arrived we headed out for the market to look for items to include in the image I want to take for my graduate program while I am here.  The bus was a roller coaster ride to the historic downtown area. 

We went to dinner across from a cathedral built in the 1500's.  I tasted three of the delicious moles the region is best known for.  Ah, the food is oh so wonderful.

I shot mostly gorrilla shots at the market that didn't come out so well but I've included a few.

Puebla seems friendly. laid back, safe and ripe for photography.

Buenos dias!


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