Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 3 Puebla

This laid back pace of life is for me.  Up at the crack of nine.  Coffee on the roof patio observing the attitude of the volcano.  I write, read, post  until lunch at 2.  Everyone stops and eats and visits for an hour or two and then it is back to work.  My afternoon and early evenings are spent walking and photographing.  Why don't we take off from 2-4 in Texas to reflect and relax with friends and fabulous food?

Today, Chris played tour guide and took me downtown to see the beautiful churches.  The people of Puebla truly invested their riches into the ornate cathedrals.  Saying they rival the most beautiful in Europe is an understatement.  I was so tired when we got home that I didn't eat supper.  If you know me, then you know I was exhausted!

For the first time I used an itty bitty Samsung point and shoot camera for the outing.  Big mistake.  I didn't know the controls, I couldn't see the screen and so I couldn't compose the image.  So, this is the best I can show you.  These images certainly don't convey the granduer of the architecture.

My favorite stop was at the Phototeca Juan C. Mendez.  It is a museum dedicated to the photographers of Puebla and of Mexico.  The director gave me a whole collection of reproduced photos of Guillermao Kaholo that he took in Puebla.  Guillermo Kahlo is the father of Frida Kahlo.  It just so happened there was an exhibit of Frida's great grand niece in the gallery during our visit.

The public parks are beautiful and filled with lovers and readers and observers of people.
The news of the day.
They shall always be among us.
The tiles all over the city are magnificent.
Until tomorrow,


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