Thursday, March 26, 2015

New Orleans in March

I must admit I felt a little ill at ease during my visit to New Orleans in March taking pictures all by myself.  It wasn't until I could talk a fellow photographer, to go with me out at night onto the streets that I felt safe enough to take my big girl camera with me.  As I get older I find that I am less courageous alone in crowds with what some people might think is an expensive camera.

I seldom have the opportunity to do street  photography. There is not much going on in the streets of Paris, Texas. For me, street photography is challenging because you only have an instant to make a decision to compose and shoot. I walked down the street stopping and shooting quickly. I had to up my ISO so the images are grainy.  The colors were difficult to balance with everything that was going happening. It just so happened that it was also St. Patrick's Day parade on the night we ventured onto Bourbon Street. It felt good to try and take some off-the-cuff fun shots.

with my cell phone
La bonne vie!

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