Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The poetry of Dee Martin and Tommy Stone

Isn't it wonderful that artists can inspire, admire and support one another?  Poetress and friend, Dee Martin, has recently written two poems and placed them on Facebook by an image I shared. It feels like Christmas when you open up Facebook and find a poem by Dee waiting for you to read. 
She also credits inspiration from Tommy Stone for lines he has written on Facebook alongside the photographs for her poems.  How wonderful we can share our work and our inspirations as we each find our way as artists.  Thank you Dee.  Thank you Tommy.

Taken with my cell phone: Moon rising 16 Dec 2013
Throw a log on top and
bank the coals
to keep the fire
for dark is coming soon
and watch though
it is barely there
the sweetness at
the bottom of the moon
the smallest detail lined in blue
just shadow, barely seen
reminds us that
in light and dark
the earth would stand between
so we must stand from sun to moon
when pain and sorrow fall
and cast a shadow on the land
be light and hope for all"

Paris Ice Storm: Dec 2013
the clouds are not
just in the sky
they're in my head
and in my eyes
and cold is living
in my heart
my bones about
to shake apart
frozen fields
and hardened ground
stinging air
frost makes a sound
a buzzing like
electric lines
while all that lives
lies still and pines
for warmth of sun
and light of day
but winter stays
and stays
and stays
Poem by Tommy Stone
fields of ice sabers
crunching under the tires
the cattle must be fed
and I am 10
and with my uncle
and it is fun

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