Monday, March 11, 2013

What I saw in Chicago

It was scary to take nothing but my iPhone for an extended trip to Chicago.  I wanted to challenge myself to see what kind of travel images I could take with nothing but a cell phone.  So, I want to show you what I saw in Chicago through the lens of my cell phone.

Flew to Chicago for the SPE conference.  Snow on the landscape looks so different from way up in the sky.

About to land at Chicago O'Hare at night.

The Palmer House Hotel reception area.

What a wonderful and comfortable room.


Strangers in the elevator wondering why in the world I'm taking a picture of them~

From the 3rd floor of The Palmer House looking out.

Lake Michigan looking out of Columbia College's MFA student floor.

The Spearman sculpture in Congress Plaza park.

The workers have been striking at the Congress Hotel for the last eight years.  That is longer than some people stay married!

I felt safe riding the subways in Chicago.


Who would just leave their shoes on the sidewalk and why?

Ate at a great Mexican food place!

My favorite place to eat across from the Art Institute of Chicago.

The streets of Chicago are just fun to walk down and window shop for things I could never even hope to buy.


The Art Institute simply overwhelms and inspires me.

I have a whole different story about flying Spirit airlines.  There is even a poem to share I was so inspired!



  1. Those are great phone-camera pics. I enjoy looking at things from your point of view. I've never gotten over my dislike of large cities, so I'll have to enjoy Chicago from your pictures :) . I also enjoyed your accompanying narrative. I hope you'll post some more!
    Anna Belle

  2. Thanks Annabel. I so appreciate your comments and encouragement.

  3. I'd say you did an awesome job with nothing but your iPhone! These are great photos, G! I loved every second of Chicago, myself. Hope you had a fantastic time.


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