Wednesday, March 13, 2013

There's a fee for that

Want to sit in an            aisle seat
                                          a larger seat
                                          a seat with a floatation device?
                                          There's a fee for that.

 Want to                           carry on a bag
                                           have a drink of water
                                           not knock knees with the guy in the middle?
                                           There's a fee for that.

Need to                             talk to a ticket agent
                                           check your bag
                                           change your choice?
                                           Go to the back of the line.
                                           There's a fee for that.

Did you hope for a cheaper ticket?
Better be prepared        for inefficiency
                                           lack of customer service
                                           surly attendants
                                           There's a fee if you want more than that.

Hawking their credit card            in flight
                                                          before the flight
                                                          after the flight
                                                          Just in case you have any money left to pay the fees for that.

Want to go to                  go to the bathroom
                                           wash your hands
                                           stand and stretch your legs?
                                           Bet cha they are just itching to charge a fee for that.

Before you press that button.
Before you select that Spirit Airlines, be forewarned-

There is a fee for that.

By Ginger Sisco Cook
If you want to add a stanza or two...please go ahead! 


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