Sunday, September 12, 2010

Roughing it up a little

Highlighting the surface texture.

Highlighting the surface texture was the hardest portion of our assignments this week in learning how to photograph works of art for me. I tried using one spot on the side to highlight the texture. I tried using one highlight and one softbox to highlight the texture, I tried photographing the art up close and further back and I tried to photograph four different pieces of art in order to get the right shot!

At the end of two days of trying to complete this portion of the assignment, I learned that it was easier for me to capture texture being closer to the object than further away. I also decided that it is important to have a piece of art with texture that is in-your-face as opposed to pieces that have very subtle textural changes.

The first piece of art is by Tallie Moore Bush. The next three pieces of art are by Cathie Tyler. All are used with permission by the artist.

Copyrighted Pictures

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