Sunday, September 12, 2010

6 Pot Shots

Learning how to photograph art.

Our assignment was to photograph ceramic pots using only one light source. Vaughn Wascovich, our photography teacher encouraged us to use smoking mirros, black and white cards and sheer materials to vary the lighting. These types of props allow the photographer to add interest, texture and appeal to ceramic images.

This approach to lighting may sound simple but it is fraught with potential missteps. I chose four ceramic pots to try and photograph. One pot was one solid color, large and had a top that was a bit wampy-jawed. It did not make a good model. Another pot was almost too smooth and too perfect to be interesting. The two pots I chose to show here as examples of my work are both a bit textured, they vary in color and the light seems to like them. I enjoyed this assignment and I can see how I will be using this in the future as we have ceramic artists featured in The Gallery on 1st.

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