Monday, April 20, 2009

Do you know the significance of 4:20?

April 20th is on it's way to being a national holiday.

My twins were born on April 20th. All of their friends are jealous. When they get carded at clubs, they more often than not get a comment on their birth date.

According to today's New York Times,, "April 20 has long been an unofficial day of celebration for marijuana fans, an occasion for campus smoke-outs, concerts and cannabis festivals. But some advocates of legal marijuana say this year’s “high holiday” carries extra significance as they sense increasing momentum toward acceptance of the drug, either as medicine or entertainment."

I was never an advocate of the legalization of marijuana until I was diagnosed with MS in 1992. If I lived in California I could legally obtain the drug or a derivitive of the drug for my MS. The chemical, cannabinoid, can greatly assist those with pain and spacticity at a lower cost than many other drug therapies that are currently on the market. Inteferon, the drug most often prescribed for MS patients averages about $1,200 per month. Once many are on the drug they must stay on the medication for life. My insurance won't pay for the entire cost of the drug for me. So, I am not on medication.
The clinical trials on THC and the 60 deriviatives from the chemicals in marijuana are just now being funded in earnest.

It will be interesting to watch the research results and learn about the benefits that might be derived for people not only with MS but also for those suffering with cancer and aids.

It is time for America to consider pot not as evil but to be able to scientifically evaluate whether it is helpful to those with major medical illnesses.

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