Sunday, April 12, 2009

Artist Statement

Ginger Cook
Artist Statement & Explanation of Bodies of work

When the Paris, Texas City Council passed a sign ordinance in the fall of 2005 requiring all signs from businesses no longer in operation to be taken down, I decided to document and take pictures of the signs in Paris before they were gone.

My first picture was of the Grand Theater sign on Lamar Avenue. One night from way in the back of the room, my photography teacher at Paris Junior College, Marvin Gorley, saw the picture of the Grand and asked if I might be willing to donate a copy of the picture to a fund raiser for Downtown Paris. The 1920’s porcelain with neon sign is on a building that has been vacant since 1998. The picture sold, funds were raised for downtown and I have taken over 250 pictures of Paris signs since.

From May 18 through May 30, 2009, an exhibit of the Signs of Paris will be on display at the Plaza Art Gallery, 8 West Plaza, Paris, Texas (903.737.9699). A reception is planned on May 21, 2009 from 5 to 7 pm. Please come and see the pictures and have some tasty treats.

Other bodies of work include:

  • People of Paris
  • Landscapes of Lamar County
  • Cancer Survivors
  • Buildings around Paris designed by architect, Bill Lightfoot

Currently, I am taking Photo 111 at Texas A & M Commerce with Vaughn Wascovich.

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