Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Showing you my Selfie!

The PHO 111 students have been challenged to create two self portraits this week as a class assignment.  Fair is fair and I decided to show them some different sides to how I view myself.

It is hard to take a good self portrait.  I think what makes it most difficult is having the courage to show others more than a pretty picture.  We all want others to find us attractive.  The assignment given was to create one picture of how you think others see you and to create one picture how you see yourself on the inside.  Remember a self portrait is not always about showing your face or your body.  You can have objects or troupes to stand in for you in order to truly express your feelings.

Here are a few of my selfies:

The Belt by Ginger Sisco Cook

My Nightgown Hangs Here by Ginger Sisco Cook
Pain by Ginger Sisco Cook
Hail and Brimstone by Ginger Sisco Cook
I just don't feel well by Ginger Sisco Cook

Blending in by Ginger Sisco Cook
Distorted by Ginger Sisco Cook

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