Monday, January 6, 2014

A somber discussion

My husband David and I recently attended the funeral of a dear and talented man.  On the way home from the funeral we began discussing what image we would want used for our obituary, what we wanted included in our obituary, who would speak at our funeral, where we wanted to be buried, etc.  In short we discussed what none of us want to think about less long talk about. It was a somber talk.

When we got back we decided to take a portrait of one another while we still had on dress clothes.  Neither one of us dresses up very much anymore since we are no longer in the working world.  December 31st also happened to be our wedding anniversary. I took a portrait of David and he took the one of me.  I don't know if these will be the ones we will use when the time comes but at least we have a current picture of one another!

David Cook, 31 Dec 2013
Ginger Cook, 31 Dec 2013


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  1. We had similar discussions the end of last year as my dad died and Corky's sister's cancer resurfaced.


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