Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Foggy Sunrise

Sunrise in Petty, Texas

Got up at 5 am this morning and headed toward Honey Grove to take pictures of sunflowers.  My ladder was loaded in the back of the car in order for me to be taller than the flowers!  Rain boots were tucked in so I could wade through the deep dark east Texas mud to allow me to get close enough to the flowers in the fields to take the pictures.  The sky was clear and the morning star was bright in the sky when I pulled out of my drive way.  Little did I know there would be fog so thick I could barely see the road ahead of me by the time I got to Petty.  It didn't take long for me to scrap the idea of sunflowers and just take shots of what ever as I drove to Commerce.  I am not a landscape photographer.  I wish I were good at taking awesome landscape images.  It thrills my soul to drive the roads and stop whenever something catches my eye and my interest.  Here are my best shots from this morning.

Sunrise near Smiley Meadow

Hay Meadow near Dial, Texas

Hay Meadow near Dial, Texas

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