Saturday, January 12, 2013

Testing my new iPhone

David finally broke down and bought us both an iPhone for Christmas.  We are now officially in the 21st Century.  Learning how to use the camera in the iPhone 4s is proving somewhat of a challenge.  

I thought I'd share with you my attempts at learning how to use the camera function.  Technology is not my friend.  As I get older it seems to take longer to figure out how to use all the bells and whistles on gadgets.  Really, I'd like to take the remedial course in how to set up and use an iPhone.

Below is my first attempt to use the panoramic option.  It is of the statute on the Texas Women's University Campus in Denton, Texas.  I like it!  I'll use this option again. 

It is difficult for me to adjust the perspective as you can tell in this image of the statute closer up.

The landscape image taken just outside of Paris in Lamar County turned out OK.  The contrast is just a little off, I think. 

The architectural picture of the Lamar County Courthouse was a little tricky.  Again, it is hard for me to be able to correctly get the perspective just right. 

Now for the obligatory Instagram picture!  This was taken in the Goodwill store in Paris, Texas.  My Goodwill Girl!   

It is hard for me to control the highlights of the indoor florescent lighting.  I think the higher the ceiling and the further the florescent light from the object, the better.  Here is one in Atwood's in Paris, Texas. The lighting is pretty even.
My shots at night did not turn out very well at all.  The available lights from within the store completely blew out.  There are no details whatsoever.  I am definitely going to have to work at trying to figure out how to shoot this type of picture with an iPhone.

The picture I took in the shade was also a little tricky.  There is no fill-in light.

At home under florescent lights in the kitchen.  My attempt at product photography.  Not so good.

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