Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Changing of the guard

I had never experienced the changing of the guard at the county level before last night.  It was inspiring.  The previous Sheriff, B. J. McCoy was there at the Lamar County Jail to show his support for the newly elected Lamar County Sheriff, Scott Cass as he was sworn in at 12:01 am.  There was a lot of hand shaking and back slapping going on.  The entire force of the Lamar County Sheriff's Department was sworn in.  I saw a lot of people being sworn who are dedicated and caring officers, staff and jailers.  My heart swelled with pride as Scott took his oath of office.

I worked with Lamar County for about 16 years writing grants.  The Sheriff's Office was always one of my favorites.  It was affirming the way the entire department tried so hard to use their money the best they could and maximize each and every dollar.  I'll sincerely miss B. J. at the helm.  Scott has worked hard and richly deserves this recognition for the time he has put in over the years.  I could tell everyone present last night including his family, friends and staff supported him and wished him well.  It truly felt like all the men and women were forming one force behind Scott for the good of Lamar County.




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