Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The volcano at sundown last night

El Popo (Popocatépetl) , the volcano is about 43 miles from Puebla and the house that I am staying at while I am in Mexico.  This old man smokes and belches and is accepted as a grumpy old relative by the people who live here.

Much of the time it is difficult to see El Popo because of smog, clouds and haze.  The clouds broke last night just before sunset and here are a couple of pictures.

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  1. Sorry, not been able to visit your site for several days - but you have been busy (and apparently ill for a while?). Love, love, love the colors of Mexico! The sunset sky with the volcano is superb. It's odd to see the woman's head on the billboard peeking out. How much longer do you get to stay? I'm sure you'll come home with a new fascination for all things Mexican, and lots of ideas for new photographs!


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