Saturday, August 13, 2011

Awkward Space Artist: Rainer Hunt

Rainer Hunt was one of three artists showing at Awkward Spaces show August 4th through the 6th at The Gallery on 1st.
The three Hunt siblings, Rainer, August and Harper put on a remarkable showing of their creative talent. The collection of work was titled "Awkward Space". Their artwork is perspective driven, by themselves, their subjects, and audience. They provoke the space in which young artists lie, a space between the novice artist and the established, the awkward space. This gap allows flexibility as a creator, encouraging participation in different art forms and pushing the exploration of the unfamiliar, all of which August, Rainer, and Harper are accomplishing. In addition, they are taking this moment in time to collaborate together and produce a work of art that is expressive of their lives and their collective creativity.

Name: Rainer Hunt
Age: 20
School Attending: Bennington College

Rainer Hunt grew up in Paris, Texas along with her twin brother, Harper, and youngest brother, August. After graduating from Paris High School in 2009 she began studying at Bennington College in Vermont. She is a rising junior with a continuing focus on "Media for Social Change and Public Action".

During the past two terms Rainer's film professor has challenged her to edit films using multi-channel. As described by her professor Julie Talen, multi-channel is a narrative told "through a symphony of constantly shifting pictures and borders''. Rainer will be showing Different Perspectives, a twenty-four minute video installation that stemmed from her studies in multi-channel. She decided to incorporate this project into the art show because of her plans to use the artwork in her junior review. She looks forward to seeing how the audience in Paris will react opposed to others who have previously had the chance to witness Different Perspectives.

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