Saturday, August 13, 2011

Awkward Space Artist: August Hunt

August Hunt was one of three artists showing at Awkward Spaces show August 4th through the 6th at The Gallery on 1st.The three Hunt siblings, Rainer, August and Harper put on a remarkable showing of their creative talent. The collection of work was titled "Awkward Space". Their artwork is perspective driven, by themselves, their subjects, and audience. They provoke the space in which young artists lie, a space between the novice artist and the established, the awkward space. This gap allows flexibility as a creator, encouraging participation in different art forms and pushing the exploration of the unfamiliar, all of which August, Rainer, and Harper are accomplishing. In addition, they are taking this moment in time to collaborate together and produce a work of art that is expressive of their lives and their collective creativity.

Name: August Hunt
Age: 16
School Attending: The Kildonan School

August grew up in Paris, Texas. He is sixteen years old and a student at The Kildonan School in Amenia, New York. He will be returning as a junior this fall.

August studied photography for four terms at Paris Junior College under the guidance of Marvin Gorley where his focus was digital photography. He has continued to navigate his way thru the study of photography at Kildonan branching into analog photography and the darkroom. He finished his sophomore year with a panoramic installation. He built an 8' x 11' enclosed structure that once entered provided a 360° virtual experience of the corner of Broom St. and Crosby St. in New York City.

At The Gallery on 1st exhibted a collection of portraits titled "First Impression" that were taken on the Sarah Lawrence College campus in September 2010. The portraits have been enlarged to a 4' x 6' x format. August did amazing for his first gallery showing.

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