Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow at night

Being from Texas I have not had much experience taking pictures of snow. It is really pretty silly that when it snows I usually run outside like a small child with my camera in hand to take pictures of that pretty white stufff on the ground.

This time I found that it was our porch lights shining on the newly fallen snow that captured my attention. The dark shadows on the white snow looked different at night. The bark on the trees reflected the light and seemed more appealing than in the light of day.

So, here are my snow pictures from the snow of January 2011.

I must say that it was my photography class with Vaughn Wascovich at TAMU-Commerce that made me look at and appreciate the modulated light and shadows upon the snow. I realize that I still can't take outstanding landscape images yet but I am beginning to see the light differently.

Thank you Vaughn.

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