Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tengo quatro photographias de tres estudiantes

Portraits of semi-stangers

I had no idea how hard it was going to be to incorporate the styles of the seven photographers I had chosen into this assignment. The photographers I have chosen to try and study their styles are: Yousuf Karsh, Andrzej Dragan, Julian Opic, Lillian Bassman, George Hurrell, Susi Lawson and Duane Michals.

My first big idea was to try and photograph classmate, Mary Carley, in the style of Duane Michals
Photographer, Duane Michals is known for the writings on his photographs that give even more oomph to his images.

Mary is passionate about the topics of spousal abuse, child abuse, etc. My thought is to find a poem, a statement or a saying that will emphasize the abuse issue and find some way to incorporate the writing on the final framing of the photograph.

Below are 4 images of Mary taken on Wednesday, February 11, 2009. I really appreciate Mary being such a sport and being willing to be photographed in this manner. This takes courage.

My initial image of Cymantha Cox was to photograph her in the style of Susi Lawson. I visualized my final print of Cym to be perky and wacky but the shoot went in an entirely different direction. The play of light on her face and clothes will more than likely turn out more closely to that of photographer Lillian Bassman. Here are my favorite four pictures I took of Cymantha:

I really wanted to get a striking and dynamic image of C!G. I did not. My vision was to find some dramatic lighting to do a portrait of C!G in the style of Yousuf Karsh but I just simply did not pull it off. My thought now is to take one of C!G’s pictures and to try and immolate Andrzej Dragan in the post production phase of preparing the prints for final submission. I also want to try and do one of the minimalist pictures by Julian Opic since C!G’s sunglasses and scarf are items that define who he is to me. Here are pictures of C!G that I want to try to finish and print.

And here are two true stangers from the streets of Cooper.

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