Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ink on my hands.

The New York Times

Vaughn says he likes to go to the library. He likes to touch and smell the books. He likes to browse the aisles and take a look at whatever catches his eye.

I realize that I like to read the newspaper. I like to touch it, smell it and peruse it at my leisure.

Reading the New York Times online is not for me. I want that Sunday morning NYT waiting for me, waiting for me to pick it up and consume it.

First, I read the front page or at least skim over the headlines. For some macabre reason, I like to read the Obituaries. It is interesting to see whose death is worthy to note in the Sunday edition of the NYT. Here is the first entry on Sunday, February 15th: ADAM, Nina, died Wednesday, February 11th in New York. The daughter of Alexander Reitzmann and Nadelida Lowenthal both of whom perished in the Holocaust. Nina was an artist, a trend setter, a jewelry designer and a journalist. She had the most beautiful smile. She was the widow of Jacob Adam, a captain in the Young Israeli Navy and on merchant ships. The Obits are short, sweet and to the point with very few pictures.

Then I take the sections apart and throw away Sports. I am left with Travel, SundayStyles, SundayBusiness, Week in Review, Arts&Leisure and the Book Review.

The Travel section always makes me sad to see all the places I won’t be going anytime soon. The SundayStyles reminds me how frumpy I am and lets me know which clothes I won’t be wearing this season. In the Arts&Leisure section I can read about all the plays on Broadway and the operas at the Met that I wish I could see. It is the Book Review that I save for last. It stays on my nightstand all week as read the Top 10 lists and try to guess which book will be the next smash movie.

Well, my hands are now all covered with black ink. I’m off to wash the news from my hands.

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