Friday, March 4, 2011

Have you ever been to the sweetest little town in Texas? Well, David and I ate dinner there after a meeting last night. Honey Grove is just down the road from Paris on HWY 82.

As we were eating supper on the square in Honey Grove we began admiring the cobbled stone streets and the quaint lights. As soon as the meal was finished we took out our cameras and began taking pictures of the square at night.

We were in David's car so I didn't have my tripod. The pictures I took of the downtown area are all hand held and at a high ISO. So, they aren't sharp and they are grainy but what the heck, we had a ball just walking the streets and snapping away.

On the other hand, David did have his tripod. Oh, my gosh! Wait until you see his pictures of downtown Honey Grove at night.
The Honey Grove Library is planning a photography exhibit on Thursday, March 31st from 5-9 or so. Boy, I hope David has some of his images printed and framed to hang in their show.

By the way, the exhibit is open to everyone. They will love it if you bring your best photo(s) to show! For more details call Patsy at 903.227.8951.

As for me, I think I am just going to consider the images posted here to be test shots. I'm going back some day real soon with my tripod on my shoulder and my camera batteries charged!

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