Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kevin at their ranch

Kevin allowed me to come to their ranch and take pictures for class this week. Thanks very much Kevin for being such a great model!

Our assignment in Photography 112 is to use the flash on our camera. Up until this point in time we have only been allowed to use available light.

Now, I have to take 5 pictures using flash.

We can turn in:

1. One picture as flash as the only light source.

2. One picture with the flash as the main light source with ambient light.

3. One picture with flash as a fill light source with available light.

4. One picture using flash to balance indoor light with door light. (This is the assignment I attempted with Kevin)

5. One picture with slow shutter spead and camera movement.

I have a Canon 580EX Speedlight that I have never even taken out of the box that I bought about 4 years ago.I have never done anything like this before. This is one assignment I don't think I'm going to make a A on.

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